On the evening of October 16th, we held the first Dining Hall dinner for the Open Master’s Class of 2013. Eighteen people came together for a meal to celebrate the beginnings of our program and to continue discovering how different forms of group collaboration could further our learning goals. A rockin’ good time was had by all.

College life provides so many unintentional learning experiences, few as powerful as the dining hall. We all have to eat, yes. It’s not always enlightening. But bring together the right people, the right amount of trust, the right amount of mac ‘n cheese, and good things happen. During our first Dining Hall, Laura White introduced the group to Echoing Green’s Work on Purpose initiative. We discussed how the concepts of ‘purpose’ and ‘obligation’ fit – or didn’t – into our Open Master’s plans. Things got deep, like round-of-applause deep.

DC’s Dining Hall was the first of what will hopefully be many chances to break bread together. If you live outside of DC, why not try a virtual Dining Hall? Google Hangout was invented for a reason.

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