How to connect your Google+ and blog pages – Step 1

This is the 1st step to enable your Google+ profile to be pulled into the Google search results page.  There is a 2nd step, which I’ll explain in a later post. We start this process by explaining how to add and manage links in your Google+ profile. The reason for adding links to your profile is to make it easier for people to find you as there may be people who share the same name as you. Adding links to your Google+ profile will make it easy for people to find the sites that are about you, in addition to this, Google will pull up your author page or blog posts that you have written so that people will be able to identify you instantly and then click on your search result rather than your competitors who don’t have their Google+ profiles connected. In order to do this you have to link your Google+ page to your author page, this guide shows you how easy it is to do just that. Below is an example of a travel bloggers author page linked on Google:

Before we actually look at the steps done I will briefly discuss what types of links you can add:

  • Other profiles: Place links here to webpages that are specifically about you. For example, a link to your personal webpage or your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Contributor to: Add links here where people can find your work online. For instance, links to sites you’ve written for should be included in this section (this is critical to do to ensure that your profiles are connected).
  • Recommended links: Use this section to display links that you think visitors to your profile would like to view.

Here is a break down of the different steps you will need to go through:

1.) Sign into your Google+ account and then click on your name next to your profile picture.

 2.) Click Edit Profile and then click on the about tab. In the about section there will be two columns; a larger one on the left side with general information such as “introduction”, “occupation”, “education” etc and a smaller column on the right side where we add our desired links.

3.) Click on the link section you want to add to (Other profiles, contributor of, or recommended)

4.) A white box will open, Click Add custom link

5.) There will be two boxes to fill in; Label (This is what people on your profile will see when they view your Google+ page) and URL (this is the actual web address the link will take you to. e.g

6.) Click Save.

You have now added a link to your Google+ page.

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