Is Google getting things right in SERP

With all of the Penguin and Panda updates that Google has announced and promoted in 2012 we pose the question – is Google getting their ranking quality relevant and right? We call this

Lets have a look at the search term “SEO” in It has 887 million competing pages (see below).

google seo Is Google getting things right in SERP?

If Google were getting their SERP quality right after the Panda and Penguin updates you would expect that top SERP results from such a competitive term would be relevant and supply you with SEO companies that can help you with the “SEO” service you are looking for!

From what I can see, the only reason for these type of results is that Google still places a huge emphasis on TLD (Top Level Domains) that contain the exact anchor text for the service. Below are the Organic SERP results (excluding Google Places and Google News).

1 – Wikipedia
2 – SEO Mania
3 – ROI Media
4 – Synergise Online
5 – SEO Cape Town Club
6 – Google Support
7 – SEO Consultantz
8 – Web SEO
9 – Ever
10 – SEO PPC

Personally, I feel that for any company needs to be transparent to offer a good service. They need to have a contact number on their website. Unfortunately #5 – SEO Cape Town Club and #7 – SEO Consultantz don’t do this, and I feel that they offer no real value to Google’s SERP.

Obviously there is some loop-hole in Google’s Algorithm that the Webmasters of these 2 website (#5 and #7) have found as the quick analysis other their site reveals that they don’t really have a presence at all other than the 1st page rankings

Both sites have NO Backlinks, NO Page Authority and the domains were registered on 22-November-2012 by the same person. They are basically a 1 page website that does not offer advice/help to the public who are looking for a service.

seoconsultantz Is Google getting things right in SERP?
seocapetownclub Is Google getting things right in SERP?

In closing, I hope that Google gets the SERP right in the near future so that these type of websites are removed and do not appear at all.

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