Migrating from Raven Tools

The SEO industry has been abuzz with the news that Raven Tools has decided to remove keyword rank tracking from their platform. It is clear that they are attempting to go down the road of an “all in one package”. They are already providing functionality around SEO, Social Media, PPC and content. They apparently made the tough decision to “thin out” their data in order to comply with what they feel is an inevitability. We’ve learnt from experience that going down the PPC route in terms of software development opens up many “cans of worms” and decided to focus solely on SEO. It becomes a big business decision as to whether you stop using a tool that doesn’t track keyword rankings. We find that many businesses still track ROI by their keywords rankings and not only by traffic and leads through their website. For us, it’s still very important.

So what now if you are looking for an alternative to Raven Tools? Migrating to Project SEO is an option if you are thinking of moving. Raven Tools has given their client base a deadline to export historical data.

You can upload all your sites easily in one go using a simple Excel template.

If you export your data from Raven tools before their deadline then you can import it into Project SEO. You just need to create an account and raise a support ticket. We’ll then email you a template.

You can use our bulk import feature to import links you have already worked. Our automated system will check these backlinks for you against Majestic SEO.

If you create an account before 17th December then we’ll guarantee to get you setup before Christmas. This way you’ll be all ready for the New Year knowing that all your sites are monitored, just in case Google does a big algorithm update over Christmas!

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