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WebGrowth is once again excited to announce the update of Project SEO! Featuring enhancements to data estimations and reports,  API social media integration and user accessibility. Below a list of updated features have been compiled to bring you up to speed on the recent enhancements to Project SEO.

  • Accelerated SEMRush integration.
  • Email alerting system.
  • Ability to hide scores, topic status, task statuses, difficulty, time to fix and topic descriptions.
  • Improved API scoring system.
  • Facebook Likes added to our API.
  • Google +1′s added to our API.
  • Twitter data added to our API.
  • Scheduled reporting.
  • Component scoring changes.

Since the recently revoked access to the Google Adwords API, a change affecting thousands of developers, business and services globally. SEMRush’s integration of data has been accelerated; now providing Project SEO with automated search volume estimates. A change we are pleased to see take place, considering SEMRush ‘traffic volume estimates’ are slightly more conservative than Google Adwords; avoiding over estimated ‘traffic volume results’ a sure risk in any to SEO specialist.

A popular feature for SEO specialists, Project SEO now allows you to limit the visibility of suggested rankings previously displayed by default. This is particularly useful to the SEO expert consultant, as clients without any knowledge in Search Engine Optimization may be disgruntled by messages flagged in a bold red CRITICAL being visible. Often a ranking depending on several factors, that may in fact, not be particularly important to a specific campaign. You may now easily adjust visibility and avoid scenarios where messages flagged as critical cause unnecessary alarm to clients. Hide scores, topic status, task statuses, difficulty, time to fix and topic descriptions.

Increasingly domain ranking is being influenced by metrics from social media platforms, this has made social media a critical aspect of SEO today.
Project SEO’s API now accesses the various social media platforms’ API pulling social media metrics to incorporate into the scoring system, delivering a more in-depth popularity benchmark.

Scoring has also been updated to include weightings and logarithmic scales, as well as  detailed analysis of the metrics to deliver a more robust scoring.

Similarly certain aspects of our scoring have been adjusted where necessary to no longer display critical warnings OR only when they reach a certain threshold.

  • Page load time (if below 0.7 seconds)
  • Alexa Rank
  • PageRank
  • Pages Crawled
  • Pages Indexed
  • Indexed in Google / Bing / Yahoo Local
  • DMOZ Submission
  • Yahoo Submission
  • 301 Redirect
  • 302 Redirect
  • Long Meta Data

This allows for warnings to still be given, however certain features have been disabled from going critical or are a lot harder to achieve critical status.

This was done to avoid  common scenarios where websites are flagged with “critical” problems, where upon reflection warnings were sufficient for most situations. Similarly they have been used in situations such as indexed pages, where campaigns are difficult to judge without human input.

Project SEO now allows you to schedule all the reports you run regularly automating the process to save you time!

Simply add scheduled reports under the “Reports” tab by choosing the website, the type of report, the format, email address and frequency. The platform will now email your reports to you automatically, you may also set weekly reports to be sent to you!

Currently we are in the process of developing an enhanced ‘alerts framework’, with the intent to notify users about changes to projects in progress, these alerts will cover; rankings, job updates, link building, competitors, traffic performance, conversions and project management reporting.

We value the development of our up-dates being done in conjunction with your feedback, so If you have any suggestions or can think of any enhancements to be made please let us know!

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