The Best Antivirus For Windows 10. Free And Paid Antiviruses

In connection with the latest news about hacker attacks on users’ computers around the world, many are interested in what kind of antivirus can be called the best. The article will look at the best free and paid versions of security programs for computers on the Windows 10 operating system.

Even though Windows 10 has a built-in antivirus, we still recommend installing a third-party, free, or paid antivirus. To increase the level of protection of your system.

Free Antivirus for Windows 10

The free segment is one of the most popular in our country because few people want to pay for the protection of their PCs – it just so happens. Therefore, we will try to choose the best programs from the public ones.

Table of Contents

  • Avast Free Antivirus
    • Panda security free
  • Kaspersky Free
  • Avira Antivirus
    • Bitdefender
    • Avira Antivirus Pro
    • Norton security

Avast Free Antivirus

This program is a real bestseller. It is widely distributed throughout the world. However, is it worth it to download it? We’ll figure out.

Most of the tests show that this antivirus is excellent in the degree of data protection (as for free). Many people like it because of its simple and clear for the average user interface. But there is a minus in the free version – the program is replete with various kinds of advertising notifications that pop up everywhere – and even in the settings. It should be noted that you will also regularly be offered to purchase an extended (paid) version. There are no advertising notices. It is also added to previously blocked sections of protection. For example, Avast Free antivirus can fix system errors.

Panda security free

If we compare this antiviral program with the previously considered one, it benefits in terms of the quality of protection, although not by much. But its performance is much worse – it is not adapted for old computers, because of which the user may have problems with freezing his PC.

Users highlight the following disadvantages:

  1. Since the program is not adapted for old computers, the user may experience problems with freezing and frequent PC malfunctions.
  2. The overall look and interface are not understandable to some ordinary consumers.
  3. The free version lacks parental control and firewall features.

Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free from all anti-virus applications should be highlighted separately – Russian programmers created it. It can be downloaded from the certified site on any version of the operating system, including on Windows 10.

Only the functions of online banking and parental control disappeared from the functionality in the free version. Of the minuses – only limited terms of using the public release – it is valid only for one year.

Avira Antivirus

In the free version of the application, only the main functions remained, and those that were practically not used were blocked.

The advantages of Avira reviews include:

  • One of the most powerful defense mechanisms against virus attacks.
  • There are no annoying advertisements.
  • Quick work.
  • Low system resource consumption.
  • A vast number of enthusiastic reviews from users.

According to many users and experts, Avira Antivirus can be called the best application to protect your computer on Windows 10 for free.

We now turn to commercial applications.

Paid antiviruses: the best options for Windows 10

Thanks to research by cybercrime organizations, among the paid versions, the best antiviruses are Bitdefender in the editions of recent years (they are available for Windows 10).

Avira Antivirus (exists in the free segment).

Antiviruses from the world famous Kaspersky Lab.

Norton Security – the latest program, which immediately fell in love with ordinary users


Trend Micro.

We will not consider the last two antiviruses, since they spend too much PC resources, although they practically do not differ in the degree of protection from the above.


Bitdefender antivirus review can be called a novelty, which suddenly broke into the lists of leaders after conducting research and tests. The program specializes in protection in the Internet environment.

The program works on several anti-virus engines. Also, the advantages can be attributed to the fact that for six months the application can be used free of charge. But some tricky users after complete removal and cleaning of the data registry install the program again, continuing to use it for free.

Avira Antivirus Pro

We have already considered this platform in the free segment, so we will not dwell on it vigorously.

New features will be added to the standard features in the paid version. For example:

  • Built-in firewall.
  • Filter from potentially dangerous virus programs.
  • I am creating a flash drive to restore the system.
  • Game Mode.
  • Modules to speed up computer performance.

The disadvantage is the fact that you can not download a program for a Russian-speaking person for free since the ability to select a language appears only in the paid version.

Norton security

Norton Security is an antivirus that is continually being improved, thanks to which it has become a leader. The main advantage is that it can usually work even on inefficient devices. At the same time – the level of security at altitude.

In addition to the standard security tools Norton has:

  • combined firewall;
  • opportunity to erase spam;
  • online banking security

Additional information about each of the antiviruses can be found on official resources on the Internet. To determine which of the antiviruses is the best, each of them should be tested. After all, your own experience is much better than the opinions of others.

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