We are very excited about the 30 folks who have signed up for the Open Master’s Class of ’13.  There are 22 of us in Washington, DC and 8 more spread out in other locations- from Oregon to Berlin.

Each of our courses of study will be individually designed, so we are also busy pulling those together.  We’ll be ready to start sharing some of those soon.

We’re excited by the diversity of themes on the table.  We have a nice mix of some fairly traditional topics- like film production and early childhood education- thrown in alongside some pretty nontraditional combinations, like interactive media, data science, and transnational organized crime.

It has also been great to see that, even amid our diversity, there are also a few common themes emerging, too.  For example, one group has started to form around topics related to innovation- e.g. what makes a community innovative, what makes people cooperate, what makes an incubator work well, etc.

We are organizing our first few events together as a community this month.  As we get to know each other a little better, we look forward to sharing more information about each of us as individuals!

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