You Might Be Wondering Exactly What You Get When You Download Total AV.

Is that it includes six of the most common tools for protecting your computer, but it also has an extra. Total AV could be a phishing site and consists of a browser extension that will pop up a warning if you click. This can allow you to prevent you from clicking to a web site which could contain software which will download simply by clicking on the URL So what comes with the entire AV software bundle?

It eliminates and quarantines them many times without you noticing a slowdown in your system if any are located. This is like using a sentry that protects you from spyware adware, ransomware, Trojans, and a lot more threats. They continually update their database and search for new threats.

Table of Contents

  • Scheduled Scans
  • Active Blocking of Phishing URLs
  • Overall AV promises to protect you
  • Why Is It Stand Out?

Scheduled Scans

This feature permits you to specify a date and time you need your computer to run its anti-virus scans. You can opt to run them, and you’ll be able to choose the kinds of scans that you like to operate. This gives you total control over when your antivirus will check for threats in your computer. Aside from actively scanning your pc for dangers, this gives you an excess degree of protection.

Active Blocking of Phishing URLs

This secure site extension was among those attributes that we liked best. This feature goes beyond advertising blocking applications and protects you against some of the worst threats which are out on the web. This is an extension that is allowed on each of the browsers that you use. You will have to individually put it on every one of your browsers which you are using. If you’ve ever clicked on a site searching for one thing and came to discover it had been completely something different, you may have been exposed to malware which automatically downloads once you click the site.

Overall AV promises to protect you


This gives peace of mind when you have family members that do, or should you spend a lot of time surfing the web. Safe Browsing (VPN) Phishers and identity thieves enjoy harvesting details that you put on forms to enroll for sites. The more personal and personal the information, the more enticing a goal. The last thing you want is for someone to intercept data that is being sent between you and a person such as a banking institution, college documents, or if shopping online. A virtual private network (VPN) lets you browse anonymously and keeps the info that you put into the webpage a secret that is only known to you.

This service is a premium service and is only available in the paid version of this program. One thing that’s different about Total AV review is that their VPN works on both the desktop and smartphones. Remote Firewall Many larger companies have a firewall that functions as a gateway for their primary systems. Anything suspicious will be refused access. It enables sites that are known and friendly. A physical firewall for your personal computer is among the best choices for security, but it is also costly, and you need to understand how to set up a network to make it operate.

The remote firewall offered by Total AV functions in precisely the same way and protects your privacy by preventing unauthorized access to personal data. It’s like having a physical firewall similar to what big companies use, and just it’ll work for your personal computer and each of the devices that you have without the expense and hassle of setting it up. Performance Enhancement It is normal for the computer to slow down over time. Things that make it slow down comprise programs that develop errors in them, temporary files from browsing the world wide web, and files which are not where they’re supposed to be.

This can be compared to having a cluttered and messy desk at which you can’t find anything that you will need to work together. Every so often, to be the most productive in your job, you need to clean off your desk, put the filing away that has built up, and generally tidy up things and place it in order. To keep your computer running at its best speed and efficiency, you have to do the same something to it also.

Total AV contains performance-enhancing features which may help clean up the clutter on your computer and make it working like new. In terms of the range of protections provided by Total AV and the sorts of devices they shield for the price, they are above average for other security packages which are considered to be in the same class. The best thing we like about the package they provide is that if you’ve got different family members working on various devices, you only have to buy one software package to cover them all.

There’s no need to purchase another security system for each of the different types of devices that you have. This is not just economical, and you are aware that you have the same protection on every one of your methods. This lessens the capacity for any weak connections due to having inferior security software system on one of your devices. Having everything in one place is also handy and straightforward to manage.

Why Is It Stand Out?

One thing that we thought made Complete AV stand out from other security software was that the degree of safety it provides to smartphones. It does not only address your desktop but offers the same protections for your smartphone. It offers antivirus protection, an intelligent phone optimizer that functions somewhat like a desktop computer optimizer, pin protection software, and a secure browsing virtual private network, just the same as it offers for the desktop computer. In very few, these features were found in our search for anti-virus software that was effective. This is one. They try to offer you everything you will ever want in a complete, cheap package

.One more thing which makes Complete AV unique is that they offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that they stand behind their solutions and expect you will be 100% satisfied. If an anti-virus does not provide you a 30-day money back guarantee, it is advisable to proceed with caution since you don’t know exactly what you get and the provider is not keen to back up their word. Thus far, Total AV appears to be a fantastic value for the cost. Their website includes a Knowledge Base where you can certainly answer the majority of your questions. They also offer a responsive customer service department that offers help through email, by telephone, and through live chat. In testing out software, we always call the customer support to find out if they are friendly, knowledgeable, or if there are any questionable characteristics, such as impolite representatives.

Our experience with TotalAV reviews was outstanding. Even though we asked questions that might quickly be answered in the Knowledge Base, the customer service representative was helpful, cheerful, and responded to our questions thoroughly and completely. In general, it was a fantastic experience and what we would expect from a trusted business. Up to now, on the surface, Total AV seems to have all of the characteristics that will make it look like a useful software application.

They supply an entire set of attributes for a low price and have what seems to be quite a reliable customer support section. The next thing that we will need to understand is how well it works. The only way to know how well it functions is to download a free trial copy and see for ourselves. To be able to acquire the most realistic contrast possible, I first cleaned my system using another popular antivirus application that is comparable to Total AV in many respects.

According to my software, my order was running smoothly, with no virus threats detected. Everything appears to be in excellent form. The actual test is if Complete AV finds things which other software doesn’t. I am going to take you along the trip so that you will know just which kind of experience to expect when you click the Get Safe Now button on the site.

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